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Commercial Pressure Washing Dallas

Professional residential and commercial pressure washing, and graffiti removal services.  Serving Dallas County, Rockwall County, Collin County, Heath, Rockwall, Forney, Mesquite, DFW metroplex, and more.  Fully insured for commercial and residential properties. Experience power washing large commercial buildings and parking garages.



parking garage cleaning

Our pressure washing services can remove mildew, rust, oil, grease, dirt, copper stains, fire soot, bird droppings, algae, gum, and many more. Surfaces include limestone, stone, concrete, brick, stucco, shingles, vinyl siding, asphalt, metal, capstone, glass, and more.

Soft washing limestone and stuco

People may ask? Will you damage the surface if you pressure wash it?  Yes you can cause damage to the surface if done incorrectly.  Allred Power Washing has the procedures in place to prevent damaging the surface while also cleaning it effectively

Allred has the proper equipment and knowledge to handle small jobs up to large commercial contracts.  Click link below to learn about our equipment. 

Soft Washing solutions for delicate surfaces with light to extremely dirty conditions.  Allred Power Washing's effective process safely cleans the surfaces without causing further damage to the surface.  Our process also saves our customers money by increasing the length of time before the next cleaning will be required.  Servicing DFW cities  Click below to learn more. 

Copper stain removal Dallas
stucco stone cleaning
Stucco and Stone cleaning
Algae mold removal
Pressure washing sidewalks
Cleaning driveways
Rust removal Heath, TX
Sidewalk power washing
Driveway power washing
Pressure washing sidewalk
brick paver cleaning North Dallas
Brick walkway soft washing
pressure washing sidewalks Highland Park

People may ask; Does hot water make a difference in pressure washing?  Yes it absolutely makes a difference; by cleaning faster, more effective, using less detergents, breaks down oil, grease, and proteins, and overall results are better compared to using only cold water.  Same difference as when you use cold water versus hot water to wash dishes or laundry.  Allred Power Washing uses professional pressure washing hot water machines on all jobs where it is needed.  

MBE Certified Company Pressure Washing Dallas
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