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Allred firmly believes in and utilizes eco friendly options for power washing.  We feel that it is worth the extra investment and time to conserve our natural resources.   


​There is not one tool that is appropriate for all situations.  Using the wrong tool can cause surface damage in one instance and may not clean properly in another.  Allred has multiple options available at all times to choose from depending on the type of surface, surface condition, surrounding terrain, etc.  

Hot water

All of our trailers have the ability to heat the water from 90- 250 degrees for applications that will benefit from the hot water.  Cold water works okay for the lighter stains, but we set ourselves apart from a lot of companies by having the ability to clean with hot water to remove oil, grease, mold, mildew, and algae to name a few.  

Water reclaim

Allred has an on board vacuum system that is designed to pull waste water into a tank on our trailers.


​Once the water is reclaimed,  the water is diverted into 4 seperate filters to separate the oil and debris.  This is the same process car washes utilize to reuse the water on vehicles.  After the water has been filtered, it can either be directed into the water tanks for reuse, or now that it is clean it can be routed anywhere. 

Trans Heat technology

Our Landa power washers have a patented design to pull heat from engine to preheat the water to save on diesel use, lower emissions, and pollution.

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